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Common Questions and Answers

We have provided answers to many commonly asked questions about our policies below. If you would like any more information, please call us on 1800 043 552.

What percentage of vet expenses are covered?

With Pet Insurance Australia Pet Insurance we will cover up to 80% of eligible vet expenses, subject to any excess and annual benefit limits associated with your policy. Any applicable excess will be subtracted from your benefit amount.

How does the Excess work?

Excess is the amount (your choice of $0 or $100 or $200) that is deducted from your benefit only once for each unrelated condition claimed in a policy year. For example, if your pet has an ongoing stomach complaint and requires follow-up treatments, only one Excess will apply to the treatment of this complaint.

At what age can I start my pet's insurance?

Pets can be insured from 8 weeks of age. For Comprehensive and Major Medical cover your pet must have joined before its 9th birthday. There is no upper age limit for our Accident plan, so any pet can join no matter how old. Don’t delay, as pet insurance is the one thing you cannot buy when you need it most; plan ahead!

Can I cover my pet at any age with Pet Insurance Australia?

With Accidental Injury Cover, you can cover your pet at any age from 8 weeks old. With Comprehensive and Major Medical Cover, pets need to be aged between 8 weeks and younger than 9 years of age when you purchase your policy.

When will my policy start and when can I claim?

Your policy will commence at midnight on the day that your proposal has been accepted by us and a policy has been issued. Please note that acceptance of your application is not guaranteed, so you should always check to see whether a policy has been issued before claiming. You may make a claim for an accident as soon as your policy is effective. A 30-day waiting period applies for illness condition claims.

Note: There is a 6 month waiting period for cruciate ligament (or related) conditions. However, you may request to have this period waived by having your pet examined by your vet and submitting the completed prescribed Cruciate Ligament Exam Form in support of this request. Please download form here. Waiver of this waiting period is at the sole discretion of the insurer.

What is not covered?

Like most insurance policies, we have a few exclusions to keep your premiums affordable. These include, but are not limited to, pregnancy, elective procedures, foods/diet, grooming, behavioural problems, and pre-existing conditions that showed clinical signs before taking out the insurance.

Do you cover Hereditary and Congenital defects?

Yes, provided symptoms or clinical signs of these defects were not present prior to commencing cover.

How long does it take for a claim to be processed?

Once we receive the documentation, your claim will be processed without delay and payment will be made either by cheque or directly into your nominated account.

Can I use my own vet?

Yes, you can use any vet who is licensed to practice in Australia.

Want to know more?

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